NCK and the Shelby club will be hosting a two day weekend event at Thunderhill Three mile 10/3-10/4.
  • Registration opens 9/3 and closes 9/30 at 11:59 PM
  • Camping allowed at track. NCK Parking will be from the normal Weigh in awning area toward T15 (see map)
  • Racers will be split into group 1/2 according to class
Also, The NCK will be including one first class dinner with each driver entry. 

At the time of registration additional guest tickets can be purchased for $15.00 each (so register your guests early so we can have enough food on hand) 

  • Tri-tip 
  • Chicken
  • Country potatoes
  • Cowboy beans
  • Green salad
  • Garlic bread
  • Chocolate chip brownies
For your one reference:
Paper plates and plastic ware. The Diner will collect tickets like usual (a bucket will be at the beginning of the table to drop their tickets in). Buffet like, but no contact by participants. You point at what you want and they prepare the plate.  They will give the option of a Styrofoam box if people want to carry it back to their pit or hotel. There will also be a cash bar for beer/wine and non-alcoholic beverages

During the morning and lunch the grill will be open as usual with a few social distance requirements in place

Race Groups

Group 1

World Formula (390)
Formula 80sr
FKE2-125/150 Open
Super Stock CR125 (99 only)
Superstock CR125 SKUSA
Group 2
FKE1/100cc Open
Formula 125
Superkart ICE
Superkart Super ICE
Superkart FE Twins
TaG Heavy
Race Schedule
Parking for the event for NCK 

Event Registration

Registration is now open for the the NCK SpeedVegas GP in October. Registration will close 10/20 at 11:59 PM.


2020 Schedule

  • Nov 30, '19 - Sonoma Raceway
  • Mar 9 - Thunderhill 3m
  • June 7 - Willow Springs
  • June 27 - Thunderhill 2m
  • Aug 1-2 - Sonoma Raceway
  • Oct 3-4 - Fall Brawl (TH 3m)
  • Oct 25 - SPEEDVEGAS!

It's All About the Tracks

Northern California Karters Club uses and accesses some of the best racetracks in California. While the name Northern reflects the original location at the time of the club establishment 10+ years ago. The fact is that our series uses tracks based all over our great state.