NCK will use the regional points system for the 2018 IKF rulebook (available online) with the following exceptions:
  1. There will be no bonus points for number of entries
  2. To receive points for any race you must complete a race lap and your transponder must be captured by scoring.
  3. If multiple karts fail to finish the same lap their order of finish will be determined by their position on their last completed lap as registered by transponders at the transponder line.
  4. Total year end points will be determined using the the 60% rule as stated in the IKF rule book. The total number of available races will be multiplied by 60% and rounded up to the next whole number.
  5. In the event of a schedule change where races are added or cancelled during the course of the year this 60% rule will still be applied to total the races actually run at year end.
  6. Year end championship jackets will be awarded to class champions whose classes averaged a minimum of 5 entries per race over the course of the year. Trophies will be awarded to 2nd and 3rd place finishers based on the formula of 1 trophy for every 3 average entries. If the champions class does not qualify for a jacket a trophy will be awarded in it’s place as long as the class averaged 3 entries per race.
  7. Correctly functioning transponders are the competitors responsibility. No points awarded without one.
  8. Any unseen points or award issues will be decided upon by the NCK board of directors. Their decision is final.
  9. Fuel tech per 2018 IKF rulebook 601.2/601.3
Race day grids will continue to be set using random generation through the AMB orbits scoring software.