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Breaking News! (Updated 7/14)

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NCK has been working to bring you some semblance of a racing season. How does a two day event at Sonoma raceway (Sears Point) in the summer sound?
Road Racing Fun in the California sun. Registration is now open for an Aug 1 and Aug 2 event at Sonoma! We will be splitting track time with the Shelby club. Format is open practice (Saturday/Sunday) then 3 races split up over two days. We will have two run groups so the format will be different than our usual NCK events. Saturday races will be open Practice, Race  group 1, 2, 1. Sunday races will be open Practice, race group 2, 1, 2. Cost is $450 total. Pit Passes $15. No Junior Drivers. No First Time Road Racer Special. No cost difference for one day entry.

Registration closes 7/31
See you there!

For the Sonoma event on 8/1 through 8/2
Camping will be available at the track.

Move in is possible on Friday at the end of day (time TBD..... assume around 5 ish)

Preliminary race groups

Class #
Race Group 1 
1 FKE1/100cc Open
11 Yamaha LTD
13 World Formula
14 Formula 80sr
8 Super Stock CR125
9 Superstock CR125 SKUSA

Race Group 2 
10 Formula 125
2 FKE2-125/150 open
3 FKE3 Unlimited
5 Superkart ICE
6 Superkart Super ICE
7 Superkart FE twins
12 TAG heavy