2020 Superkart Rules Update

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For our 2020 race season (starting with Sonoma Nov 30 2019) NCK shall combine all Superkart's into one class structure; combining all stated packages racing as one class. The Board is aligned for the following reasons; Superkart entries average ~6 total with participation of ICE, Super ICE and twin. There is no rationale to maintain the cost and administration of separate entries, timing & scoring or 9+ trophies. Additionally, our (3) North West neighboring clubs from 2019 aligned with TAG USA (a mid west Organization) for their 2019 rules which creates quite a misalignment in Superkart classes for any North/South travelers. Therefore, in attempt to create west coast common rules there is general agreement among clubs to work towards common use of the NCK consolidated rules for next year 2020.  

In building the rules we have discussed broadly with participating drivers, all (4) west coast clubs and a leading Superkart engine builder. Our final rules went through seven formal revisions before being implemented as attached. Going forward the intent remains that NCK, PSRRA, NWRR and PKA will work to align and adjust if any need becomes apparent. 

The common general themes of constructive feedback and inputs were - "protect the entry level package from runaway cost and exotics", "get the rules aligned again along west coast" "encourage high tech developments and don't kill performance with too much weight" "reward not penalize athletic drivers and light karts"  "encourage all Superkarts under one banner"  "be ready to make a separate class for any package that averages 5+ over a full year"  
So please click on the PDF link below, and decide which package suits your interests for the 2020 season.  

Thank You,
NCK Board. 

Event Registration

Registration is open for the "Summer Challenge" at Buttonwillow Raceway on Aug 13.  It will close on Aug 10 at 11:59 PM.


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