May 5 Thunderhill Details and Changes

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Hello Racers,

Here is a few details for you in regards to our event on Monday. As the turn out is small we will not be able to afford paddock camping on Sunday night. You will be able to drop off trailers inside after 5:30 or so when the Sunday renter is finished. The gates will close at 7pm Sunday night. You can spend Sunday night on the side of the main access road with no issues and plenty of room. We must be out of the paddock by 7pm Monday night.

We WILL NOT be gridding under the awning this race. The grid area will be drivers right of the access ramp to the hot pit. If you drop off before we are able to cone the area off please keep it clear. If not you will be moving on Monday morning. This will alleviate the crowded grid under the awning and allow a couple more people to pit in the shade. The scales will be in their usual area at the end of the main awning.

Monday morning the main gate will open at 7am. Sign in and registration will take place beginning at 7:30 in the clubhouse. Bring your pre tech sheet with you to sign in as we will collect them there. Sign in and registration WILL CLOSE PROMPTLY AT 8:15 when the drivers meeting begins. The days of wandering in at drivers meeting time and expecting to do paperwork and sign in at the same time are over. Our personnel is very limited and have other duties to perform after that time. We will not wait for you. If you show up late you WILL LOSE track time. Sorry to be an ass but we don't have the manpower to deal with stragglers any longer. Other groups don't put up with it and from here on out neither can we. Don't be that guy!

We also have an ongoing problem with numbers. Beginning Monday you MUST have the number on you kart that you registered. There can no longer be exceptions. We will have black numbers available at registration for the next few races if you are not prepared. This is a safety factor along with a scoring nightmare and must be addressed. Your numbers and wristband will be checked on the grid before you are allowed on track. Be sure you are ready.

We have a handful of first time road racers coming. Please help them along and ensure they have a good time and want to come back.

Thank you for racing with NCK
Jim White

Event Registration

Registration is open for the "Summer Challenge" at Buttonwillow Raceway on Aug 13.  It will close on Aug 10 at 11:59 PM.


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