Latest Laguna Seca Information and Preliminary Practice Group Listings

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Thank you for supporting NCK and our Laguna Seca event. To make big events like this happen it takes dedicated racers such as yourself to support them. Without you we could not stage such an event.

The following information will be helpful in ensuring you weekend goes well.

We will have paddock access by 6pm Friday night. Camping is allowed in the paddock Friday and Saturday. Everyone must be out Sunday night.

With the IKF/Skusa merger we have a new insurance carrier. For this event and moving forward everyone will be required to have a wristband. At the paddock gate you will sign our NCK waiver and receive your band. The band number must also be noted on the waiver with your signature. You will also need to sign the tracks waiver at that time. If you arrive Friday please come find an NCK official to get your wristband as we will not have our person at the gate. Once you have the band all you need to do is show it at the gate to proceed for the balance of the event.

If you have rented a garage you can only park in front of your door. The second person in the garage parks in front of the first. Not side by side. Please help us to keep the paddock parking orderly and to allow vehicles to pass down the aisles.

We require a Snell or SFI 2010 or newer. Sprint classes require neck collars. Proper clothing and footwear are also mandatory. Here is a link to basic safety items.

We will run rain or shine as long as the track is deemed safe.

Every class must meet a 92db limit as measured exiting turn 5 on the run up the hill. If you are in any of the 125 stock moto classes, be it the IKF 99cyl class or the Skusa class you are required to run a CIK or IKF approved air box. This will be a tech item. If you don't meet sound you will see a black flag at turn 6. Miss that and it will be displayed again at start finish. You must come in and make an attempt at quieting your kart. You get 2 chances. After that you are done for the day. Anyone who disregards the black flag or the track workers will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including being asked to leave. Don't be that guy!

The old classroom is gone now. The drivers meeting will take place at the original stand alone 2 door garage next to the main garage structure.

Attached to this email is a list of practice groups. It is not open practice. You can only go out in your assigned group. NCK utilizes self pre tech. A colored practice group sticker will be provided to you after Saturdays drivers meeting in exchange for your pre tech sheet. The form can be found here on our website:

Please print it out ahead of time and have it with you. We will have some forms available at the track should you forget. We will also be randomly checking pre tech items at the scales over the course of the weekend. If you are unsure ask a buddy to look it over for you.

Please place your practice sticker near your front number location so it is easily identifiable by our grid workers. You must have numbers on all 4 sides of the kart. They must match the number selected when you registered in DLB and they must be legible.

Saturday practice groups rotate 1 through 4. Due to the Sunday race schedule practice group 2 is first out followed by 3 then 4 and 1 is last.

Please have your transponder on during practice. Kart numbers and Transponder numbers (except rentals) come straight out of DLB as inputted by you the racer. It is your responsibility they are entered correctly, charged and functioning. We will make every effort to correct any problems but are not responsible for incorrect information. Rental transponders will also be handed out after the drivers meeting. A list of names and transponder numbers will be posted in the garage/classroom for review. If you have an issue notify our grid person for correction. Handing it to them in writing (name, trans # and kart #) is the best way to avoid confusion.

We are on a tight schedule. Sessions and races may be shortened if there are too many dead karts to tow in during that particular session. Do everyone a favor and have your equipment ready. It's important that we all drive back into the scale area safely each session.

If you do happen to stop on course please attempt to get your kart into a safe position off the pavement. If it's buried in a gravel trap so be it. Get yourself into safe place. Always look to the corner worker and follow there instructions. Unless you are in a corner station your helmet must remain on. All safety equipment must be on to be towed at the end of the session. All drivers are required to drive safely through any yellow flag zones until you are past the incident. Unsafe driving in a yellow zone can lead to a black flag.

About 45 minutes after the conclusion of Saturday's racing we will give out awards in the garage/classroom area. Sunday awards will be available in the same location about 45 minutes after tech clears. Fuel will be available all day Saturday and on Sunday until noon only at the fueling station in the paddock.

No alcohol consumption in the paddock until after the end of racing each day.

Once again NCK sincerely thanks you for your participation in this event. We wish you the best of luck and most importantly for everyone to arrive home safely after the event.

The Preliminary Practice Groups can be downloaded in the link below.

Jim White

Event Registration

Registration is open for the NCK Finals on October 10 at Thunderhill West.  It will close on Oct 7 at 11:59 PM.


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