Laguna Seca update 1/30/18

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Hello Racers,
Laguna Seca is shaping up to be another outstanding event on March 24 & 25. Registration is open at This event is pre registration only. There will be no registration done at the event. Groups are limited to 40 on track at a time. When they are full, they are full. Don’t miss out, register before it’s too late.
With the advent of the 2018 rulebook, class numbers and names have been somewhat changed. Be sure to check the new class structure. There are also links to the Laguna schedule and practice groupings. For this event class numbers ending in “L” will not count for NCK series points. All others will be points races.
As most of you know we have to operate under a 92 db limit at Laguna. To eliminate any sound related black flags and bad competitor experiences we are REQUIRING ALL 125 shifters to use a CIK approved air box for this event.
Most of you have now heard of the surprise merger of IKF and SKUSA. We have been receiving some questions regarding how this effects NCK.
The biggest change that most will never even see will be to our insurance carrier. Aside from that we see no change in rules, classes, equipment or the way we run our races.  

The IKF rulebook is planned to survive and continue to be the foundation of our events.  No additions of spec equipment or anything like that.  Should that change in the future, NCK as an independent club can decide whether to abide by or continue with what is already in place.  What we hope to see is the added SKUSA exposure bringing out a few new roadracers.
Send your questions to jim@nckroadracing or roger@nckroadracing. We will do our best to get you the info you need. We also ask that you follow us on Facebook and join the discussion.
Thank you for your continued interest in roadracing with NCK. We hope to see you all at Laguna.
Jim White
NCK President

Event Registration

Registration is open for the NCK Finals on October 10 at Thunderhill West.  It will close on Oct 7 at 11:59 PM.


2021 Schedule

  • Mar 8 - Thunderhill East 3m
  • April 10-11 - SpeedVegas!
  • June 7 - Thunderhill East 3m
  • Oct 10 - Thunderhill West 2m

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