2017 Membership Included at Sonoma

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New for the 2017 season is an easier membership signup:  When you register for the Sonoma Race held on November 26th, 2016, you are automatically signed up as a NCK member for the whole 2017 season including your permanent kart(s) number.  Nothing else required(do not use the link for memberships as yours will automatically be included)!  Those who can not attend Sonoma will have to add their membership in DLB after January 1st using the membership link, with permanent numbers available on a first come first served basis.

New for the Sonoma Race is easier signup for garage stalls:  When you register for the Sonoma Race held on November 26th, 2016, there is a garage link for renting a garage. Just select the garage link and choose the number of the stall you would like.  We are limited to one garage rental per participant.  If you and a friend want adjacent stalls you must both select your own.  After you have purchased your garage rental you can have as many karts and drivers as you like in your stall, and garage renters can switch garages with each other at the track if they like.  Due to the limited number of garages, your rental is nonrefundable.  When we reserve the garage for you that eliminates anyone else from renting it and therefore would not be fair to your fellow club members who could not rent it while it was reserved for you(garages are first come first served).

2016 Awards Ceremony and BBQ after the race at Sonoma:  NCK is celebrating 2016's winners with a BBQ after the race at Sonoma.  Please bring a side dish and whatever you wish to drink.  Donations will be accepted.

Event Registration

Registration is open for the NCK Finals on October 10 at Thunderhill West.  It will close on Oct 7 at 11:59 PM.


2021 Schedule

  • Mar 8 - Thunderhill East 3m
  • April 10-11 - SpeedVegas!
  • June 7 - Thunderhill East 3m
  • Oct 10 - Thunderhill West 2m

It's All About the Tracks

Northern California Karters Club uses and accesses some of the best racetracks in California. While the name Northern reflects the original location at the time of the club establishment 10+ years ago. The fact is that our series uses tracks based all over our great state.