August 30th, Buttonwillow Race Updates

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Thank You for all who attended our event at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. The weather was perfect and the racing was very competitive. In our Stock Moto Class there is only a 5 point lead with one race to go! In our Tag Heavy Class Larry Stevens in hanging on to a 40 point lead with one to go, so needless to say our last race of the season is going to have some very close competition.

Our Last points Race of the season will be held at Thunder Hill West on October 31.

Our series Points have been Posted.

Stay Tuned for a possible open Practice date TBD at Thunder Hill West in late September. We will also be posting about this on our face Book Page, a link is posted to our Face Book Page here on our web site.

A special congratulations so some of our recent Sponsor Award recipients.
  • Furthest traveled Acceleration Kart Racing award from Thunder Hill goes to Doug Ring
  • Furthest traveled Acceleration Kart Racing award from Buttonwillow goes to Pat Dutro
  • Good Sportsman Acceleration Kart Racing award from Buttonwillow goes to Stan Dutro
  • Cameron Karting Award Winner Class 20. Thunder Hill West goes to Greg Jaime
  • Cameron Karting Award winner Class 20.Thunder Hill goes to Vincent Puleo Jr.
  • Fastech Racing Award goes to Mike Bear Tag Class
  • Fastech Racing Award goes to Vince Puleo Jr. Buttonwillow Class 20.
  • Acceleration Kart Racing Award to Largest Class goes to Mike Kordy Class 19. Buttonwillow

Event Registration

Registration is open for the NCK Finals on October 10 at Thunderhill West.  It will close on Oct 7 at 11:59 PM.


2021 Schedule

  • Mar 8 - Thunderhill East 3m
  • April 10-11 - SpeedVegas!
  • June 7 - Thunderhill East 3m
  • Oct 10 - Thunderhill West 2m

It's All About the Tracks

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