Registration for 10/21 Thunderhill 5 mile track now open!

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Come one, Come all to the 5 mile track at Thunderhill. Race day is MONDAY-Monday-Monday 10/21 in Willows California. Registration for the longest road racing track in North America. Register   This is the last road race of the 2019 points season.  You can check where you are in points HERE. Remember this year that the points are based on the 60% rule (and we have 19 total races) which means that there are SEVEN drops. Get your abacus or slide rule and figure out where you need to finish to make your season dream a reality. Also keep in mind…

Update from NCK Board

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NCK Board of Directors is pleased to announce that for the 2020 racing season beginning at Sonoma in Nov. that NCK will use the rules from the 2018 IKF Rule Book until further notice.  Any changes to our rules will be posted on the NCK website and Face Book and emailed to current NCK members Changes that will go in to effect for the 2020 season IC/E Change to ENGINE RODS- “Rods must maintain stock length manufacture open” Change to FUEL- “Leaded fuel only in IC/E no oxygenated fuels allowed” All other rules from the 2018 IKF rule book will remain…

$50 Introduction to Road Racing offer 6-29

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Saturday June 29th NCK will offer an “Introduction to Road Racing” On the 2 mile Thunderhill West track outside of Willows California. We’ve heard many are a bit timid about just showing up to a race with no experience. To address that we are going to offer that initial experience at a vastly reduced price of $50 for your first time out. All you need is a kart that meets your local tracks safety standards, a snell 2010 or newer helmet, neck collar and basic driver safety equipment. Usually nothing more than what your local sprint track requires. The only thing…

2020 Superkart Rules Update

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For our 2020 race season (starting with Sonoma Nov 30 2019) NCK shall combine all Superkart's into one class structure; combining all stated packages racing as one class. The Board is aligned for the following reasons; Superkart entries average ~6 total with participation of ICE, Super ICE and twin. There is no rationale to maintain the cost and administration of separate entries, timing & scoring or 9+ trophies. Additionally, our (3) North West neighboring clubs from 2019 aligned with TAG USA (a mid west Organization) for their 2019 rules which creates quite a misalignment in Superkart classes for any North/South travelers. Therefore, in attempt to…

May 5 Thunderhill Details and Changes

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Hello Racers, Here is a few details for you in regards to our event on Monday. As the turn out is small we will not be able to afford paddock camping on Sunday night. You will be able to drop off trailers inside after 5:30 or so when the Sunday renter is finished. The gates will close at 7pm Sunday night. You can spend Sunday night on the side of the main access road with no issues and plenty of room. We must be out of the paddock by 7pm Monday night. We WILL NOT be gridding under the awning this race.…

Event Registration

Registration remains open for the the NCK SpeedVegas GP on April 10/11 and will close April 5 at 11:59 PM.


2021 Schedule

  • Mar 8 - Thunderhill East 3m
  • April 10-11 - SpeedVegas!
  • June 7 - Thunderhill East 3m
  • Oct 10 - Thunderhill West 2m

It's All About the Tracks

Northern California Karters Club uses and accesses some of the best racetracks in California. While the name Northern reflects the original location at the time of the club establishment 10+ years ago. The fact is that our series uses tracks based all over our great state.