The 2018 points series will consist of 6 races starting with the just completed Sonoma event. One drop will be allowed. Laguna Seca will have one designated points race for each class each day.


November 2017
March 24, 25
June 30
August 27 (Monday)
October 22 (Monday)
Laguna Seca
Thunderhill (West 2 mile)
Thunderhill (Main 3 mile)
Thunderhill  (Main 3 Mile)

Your 2018 NCK Board of Directors

Thank you to all of the below for helping to ensure you the racer have a place to race. Without this group there are no races. Remember these are all volunteers; they do this for the love of karting and racing. Please respect them for what they do for you.
Jim White: President Roger Miller: Vice President
Jim Long: Treasurer Larry Dobbs: Secretary
Joe Hollinger: Web content, Pre/Post Race Scoring Erik Maxfield: Web Content and Sponsorships
Steve Bishop: Trophies Bruse Kreiss: Logistics
Mark Morrison: Consulting Advisor  


A big change for 2018 is a new slimmed down IKF Road Race class listing. Some classes have been combined, some expanded, and some eliminated. Any eliminated class  has been rolled into one of the combined classes. Everyone will still have a class to run in. Everyone will still have at least two opportunities to race each day. Nothing has changed there. NCK will incorporate this new class list into the balance of the 2018 season beginning with Laguna[M1] . The new list is now posted to our website under the classes tab. The new race day schedule is also posted. If you were in a class that phased out, your Sonoma points will be migrated to the new class that replaces it. Please take the time to understand your class number. They have changed.
  • Let’s say for instance you are now class 16. Your second entry class will be 16A. For Laguna your 3rd entry will be 16L. Class 16 and 16A will always be points races. 16L is Laguna only and will not count for points.
  • It will be important to know and understand this when you register in DLB.


DLB will open January 1st for 2018 NCK annual membership and permanent number renewal. 2017 permanent numbers will be held till Feb 15, 2018 and then released on a first come first serve basis. Due to our tax status everyone must be a club member. Either as a yearly membership, or a one race only membership.
  • Annual Membership (with permanent numbers) will be $130.
  • One race membership will be $75.
Membership fees are used to cover the incidental costs associated with running the club. These include things you all see (such as trophies,  year end awards, jackets,  and BBQ’s). Additional costs you don’t see are insurance policies for the club and directors, website,  website admin fees, scoring software and updates, radio licensing fees, wireless fees, taxes and tax preparation, bank fees and so on. For the 2017 Fiscal year NCK lost approximately $6,000. We have tried very hard to hold the line on fees but unfortunately they must be increased to cover our cost of doing business. 

Race Fees

The race day entry fees cover our track costs for each event.
2018 race fees will be set on a track by track basis rather than a one fee fits all. Based on historic entry numbers and current track rates NCK entry fees for 2018 will be as follows:
  • Thunderhill West stays the same, $275 AYCR and $195 single entry
  • Thunderhill 3 mile, $290 AYCR and $200 single entry
  • Sonoma, $300 AYCR and $225 single entry
  • Laguna Seca will have a maximum entry of 4 classes per person over 2 days $500, 1 day up to 4 classes $300, Single 1 day entry $225. ½ garage will be $150.

Bring a Friend

For any of the Thunderhill events NCK will offer a “First time road racer” special. Become a member at $150 and your first race is free. This applies only to Thunderhill events. Help your club to grow to reduce everybody’s cost to race.

Help Your Club Reduce Your Cost to Race

NCK would also like to institute a new opportunity this year. We know some folks  don’t race every event. For those who don’t always race but would like to be involved we have a plan. Volunteer to help at the race. . In exchange for your help you will receive a DLB credit of $125 towards your next entry. We always need people to help on grid, towing, and scales We have to compensate people for these duties anyway so it may as well be a racer. This opportunity will be available for 2 to 4 people per event on a first come first served basis.

I’d like to thank all of our racers, workers and their families for being a part of NCK. I look forward to a fun, safe and enjoyable 2018 season for everyone.

Thank you
Jim White

Latest News

  • Registration for 10/21 Thunderhill 5 mile track now open!

    Come one, Come all to the 5 mile track at Thunderhill. Race day is MONDAY-Monday-Monday 10/21 in Willows California. Registration for the longest road racing track in North America. Register   This is the last road race of the 2019 points season.  You can check where you are in points HERE. Read More
  • Update from NCK Board

    NCK Board of Directors is pleased to announce that for the 2020 racing season beginning at Sonoma in Nov. that NCK will use the rules from the 2018 IKF Rule Book until further notice.  Any changes to our rules will be posted on the NCK website and Face Book and emailed Read More
  • $50 Introduction to Road Racing offer 6-29

    Saturday June 29th NCK will offer an “Introduction to Road Racing” On the 2 mile Thunderhill West track outside of Willows California. We’ve heard many are a bit timid about just showing up to a race with no experience. To address that we are going to offer that initial experience at Read More
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Event Registration

Registration for the Monday, October 21st event at Thunderhill is now open.  It will close on October 19th at Midnight.

Need Help? See our Step By Step Tutorial.


2019 Schedule

  • Nov 24, '18 - Sonoma Raceway
  • Feb 23-24 - Laguna Seca
  • May 6 - Thunderhill 3m (Mon)
  • June 29 - Thunderhill 2m
  • Aug 26 - Thunderhill 3m (Mon)
  • Oct 21 - Thunderhill 3m (Mon)
  • Nov 30, '19 - Sonoma (2020 R1)


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