Minimum Basic Safety Requirements to Participate in IKF and NCK Sanctioned Events

Below is a list or suggestions on the gear you will need to enter a race. While karting is not considered either an expensive or low level entry motorsport. You'll find that motorsport safety gear does follow the general comment that "You get what you pay for". Having said that, it does not mean that you need to start with a full carbon-carbon $2,000+ racing helmet signed by Mario Andretti himself.

From experience, we found that for a budget of about $400 to $500 you can get all the minimum safety gear required to get you started. Don't think for a second that Minimum means there are corners to be cut on safety, quite the opposite. IKF (International Karting Federation) is very clear and strict on the high standards to be used. So using your 8 year old motorcycle helmet is not going to be acceptable. Lets get started...

Helmets: $150-$250 And Up

Lets start with the actual rule from IKF - Per IKF HEAD GEAR: Full coverage (full face) helmets designed for competitive Motorsports use are mandatory and must comply with one of the following:
Snell Foundation Specs Legal Until
2010 SA and K 12/20/2021
2010 M 12/20/2021 Not approved for Champ Karts
2015 SA and K 12/20/2026
2015 M 12/20/2026 Not approved for Champ Karts
2007 CMS (Youth helmet) 12/20/2019
2007 CMR (Youth helmet) 12/20/2019

While the rule states "Designated for competitive motorsports", Snell 2005 and M 2010 helmets are actually available as full face motorcycle helmets as well (M stands for Motorcycle, clever he!). The SNELL sticker must be present and easy to find in the helmet, under the pading, and you must be ready and prepare to show it for safety inspection. So refrain from the urge to remove or cover the sticker, without it! You are simply not going to race that day. Also, it is not recommended to buy a used helmet, as you have no guarantee how the previous owner handled or cared for the unit, and it simply may not be compliant.
Your helmet should be treated as one the most critical piece of safety equipment on hand. Best practices include:
  • Do not drop it on any hard surfaces, a simple drop from the height of 3 feet can cause the inner shell to weaken. And any compression of the inner non-resilient styrofoam will make it non-compliant. The problem with either of these statement above is simply that you would have to sent the helmet back to the mfg to confirm the integrity. So treat it with respect. 
  • Always keep it clean, and safe in a helmet bag or similar. Do not store it on your workbench where it can roll off and fall. 
  • When making your purchase, we suggest you also buy a spare lens. Your helmet normally comes with a clear lense. With our near 365 days of sunshine here in CA. Its recommended to buy a smoke lense as well, just go easy on the tint. You still want to be able to see the track and your dash, no reason to go Dark Vader. 

Gloves: $19~$150 And Up

All gloves shall be made of heavyweight, abrasion resistant materials. Full coverage, no open fingers or exposed areas.

We recommend to purchase actual Kart Racing Gloves, they normally have a leather or similar material at the palm in combination with high abrasion resistant material.
There are some really good quality gloves at the sub $50 range that will do the job.

Suits: $75~$150 And Up

While you can actually use CE approved motorcycle gear (CE level 2), its not recommended. Also a Car racing suit are also not suited to the task, as they are designed mostly for fires. Kart suits are actually designed to protect against road abrasion and bear the  CIK/FIA* Level 2. They come in all kinds of colors and flavors. Some can even be purchased with your favorite logo or sponsor branded across your chest. If you are going to use a motorcycle suit, we recommend using a one piece leather assembly. 

2 stroke racing can be messy, the combination of race fuel, with two stroke oil and chain lubricants. Will find their way onto everything that you wear. So while you may feel the urge to look and dress like the Stig. Its recommend to get a colored suits. 
Take the time to size this right, it must be comfortable to wear, no restraint in your movements. they come in wide range of sizes (from 3XXS to 4XXL. And of course different mfg have different fits. If you happen to buy online, ensure they have a solid return policy. 
*CIK Commision Internationale de Karting, Federation Internationale de L'Automobile, while the sport of Karting was actually invented in CA (in Pomona to be exact in 1956). Its in Europe that it actually found its wings. Countless F1 car drivers all started their racing career in Karting. Including Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Barrichello and countless others.  

Shoes: $130~$100 And Up

High top shoes with high socks are required. Shoes must be laced, buckled, or secured as designed. You can wear leather high top tennis shoes. But we strongly recommend actual driving/racing shoes that cover the ankle, provide a flexible sole as to better feel the pedals. And a means to secure the laces, normally race shoes have a velcro flap that allows you to secure them. 

2018 Race Day Schedule

Mandatory Drivers Meeting at 8:15
Practice runs until 10:30

11:00 am – Race 1 (25 Minute Race) ROLLING START
07A – Superkart FE II (465)
06A  – Superkart Super ICE II (465)
05A – Superkart ICE II (465)
04A – Superkart 125 II (465)
43A – Run What Ya Brung II
14A – Formula 80 Senior II (360)
12A – TaG Heavy II (400/415)
31A – Rotax Max DD2 II (400)
70A – Electric Kart II (420) 

11:45 am – Race 2 (25 Minute Race) ROLLING START
08A – Super Stock CR125 II (99) (400)
09A – Super Stock Sprint CR125 II (SKUSA rules, CIK Fairing) (385)
10A – Formula 125cc II (385)
26A – Sprint Stock CR125 II (CIK Fairing SKUSA Engine Spec, Spec Gear)
03A – FKE 3/Unlimited II
02A – FKE 2/125-150 Open II
01A – FKE 1/100cc Open II
11A – Yamaha Limited Heavy Sprint II (360)
13A – World Formula Heavy II
56A – 4 Stroke Open Heavy II (390)
15A – Junior TAG II (330)
60A – Junior 100cc II (330)
16A – Junior 4 Stroke II (310/330)

12:15 – 1:15 p.m – Lunch Break

1:15 pm – Race 3 (Heat #1 - 20 Minutes) ROLLING START
07 – Superkart FE
06 – Superkart Super ICE
05 – Superkart ICE
04 – Superkart 125
14 – Formula 80 Senior (360)
12 – TaG Heavy (400/415)
31 –  Rotax Max DD2 I (400)

1:50 pm – Race 4 (Heat #1 - 20 Minutes) ROLLING START
08 – Super Stock CR125 (99) (400)
09 – Super Stock Sprint CR125 (SKUSA, CIK Fairing) (385)
10 – Formula 125cc
26 – Sprint Stock CR125 (CIK Fairing SKUSA Engine Spec, Spec Gear)

2:25 pm – Race 5 (30 Minute Race) ROLLING START
43 – Run What Ya Brung
03 – FKE3/Unlimited
02 – FKE 2/125/150 Open
01 – FKE 1/100cc Open
70 – Electric Kart
11 – Yamaha Limited  (330)
13 – World Formula Heavy
56 – 4 Stroke Open Heavy (390)
15 – Junior TAG
60 – Junior 100cc
16 – Junior 4 Stroke (310/330)

3:10 pm – Race 6 (Heat #2 - 20 Minutes) ROLLING START
Same as Race #3

3:45 pm – Race 7 (Heat #2 - 20 Minutes) ROLLING START
Same as Race #4

Revised 12/03/2017

2017 Race Day Schedule

Mandatory Drivers Meeting at 8:15
Practice runs until 10:40

11:00 am – Race 1 (25 Minute Race) ROLLING START
04. Unlimited / FKE III (400-475) 
13. TaG Light (370 -385)
05. TaG Enduro (365 -410) 
31. Rotax Max DD2 I (400)
26. Formula 80 Sprint II (360) 

11:45 am – Race 2 (25 Minute Race) ROLLING START
20. WC Super Stock CR125 (400) 
15. Formula 125cc Ltd Heavy (420)
16. Formula 125cc (385) 
70. Electric Kart I
33. Meta RO1 – 100cc Open FKE I II 
02. Yamaha KT100S Heavy (400)
09. Yamaha Limited Heavy Sprint (360) 
60. Junior 100cc I (320)
21. World Formula Medium (365)
54. 4 Stroke Open I (365) 
56. 4 Stroke Open Heavy I (390) 
62. Junior 4 Stroke Open I (320)
44. 125cc - 150cc Open / FKE II (360 - 400) 
40. VKA/VKCA Vintage I - IV (TBD) 

12:15 – 1:15 p.m – Lunch Break

1:15 pm – Race 3 (Heat #1 - 20 Minutes) ROLLING START
47. Formula E (FE) (475)
07. Inter -Continental -E (465)
48. Super ICE (465) 
49. 125 Gearbox Superkart (450)
18. Formula 80cc Sr. (360)
10. Formula 80 Jr (320) 
12. TaG Heavy (400/415)
32. Rotax Max DD2 II(400)
11. Rotax Max Jr (320) 

1:50 pm – Race 4 (Heat #1 - 20 Minutes) ROLLING START
19. Super Stock CR125 (400)
14. Formula 125cc Ltd (385) 
17. Sprint Super Stock CR125 (SKUSA Engines allowed)
27. Sprint Stock CR125 (385) 

2:25 pm – Race 5 (30 Minute Race) WALL START
71. Electric Kart II
34. Meta RO1 II
43. Run What Ya Brung 
45. 125 -150cc Open/FKE II II (360 -400)
06. 80cc Laydown (410) 
03. 100cc Open / FKE I (360 -400)
01. Yamaha KT100S Light (370) 
08. Yamaha Limited Light Sprint (330)
61. Junior 100cc II (320)
22. World Formula Heavy (390)
55. 4 Stroke Open II (365)
57. 4 Stroke Open Heavy II (390)
63. Junior 4 Stroke Open II (320) 
41. VKCA/VKA Vintage I -IV II (TBD)

3:10 pm – Race 6 (Heat #2 - 20 Minutes) ROLLING START
Same as Race #3

3:45 pm – Race 7 (Heat #2 - 20 Minutes) ROLLING START
Same as Race #4

Revised 3/2/2017

2018 Race Day Schedule*

Mandatory Drivers Meeting at 8:15

9:00-10:30 Open Practice

11:00 am – Race 1 (25 Minute Race)
7A. Superkart FE-II
5A. Superkart ICE-II
03A. FKE-3 unltd-II
10A. Formula 125-II
8A. Superstock CR125-II
9A. Superstock Sprint CR125-II (SKUSA)
27A. Sprint Stock CR125-II (spec gear)
4A. 125 Gearbox superkart-II
2A. FKE-2 125/150 open-II
Reg6 CBR250-II

11:45 am – Race 2 (25 Minute Race)
31A. Rotax Max DD2-II
Reg6 Tag Light
12A. Tag Heavy-II
1A. FKE1-100cc open-II
Reg6 Tag enduro
Reg6 80 laydown
14A. Formula 80 Sr-II
Reg6 Yamaha KT100s light
11A. Yamaha Ltd-II
13A. World Formula-II
56A. 4 stroke open-II
ALL JR classes

12:15 – 1:15 p.m – Lunch Break

1:15 pm – Race 3 (Heat #1 - 20 Minutes)
07. Superkart FE
06. Superkart Super ICE
05. Superkart ICE
04. 125 Gearbox Superkart
Reg6 CBR250
14. Formula 80 Sr
34. Rotax Max DD2
12. Tag Heavy

1:50 pm – Race 4 (Heat #1 - 20 Minutes)
10. Formula 125
8. Superstock CR125
9. Superstock Sprint CR125 (SKUSA)
27. Sprint Stock CR125 (spec gear)

2:25 pm – Race 5 (30 Minute Race)
3. FKE-3 Unltd
2. FKE-2 125/150 open
Reg6 Yamaha KT100S heavy
1. FKE-1 100cc open
11. Yamaha Ltd
13. World Formula
56. 4 stroke open
All JR classes

3:10 pm – Race 6 (Heat #2 - 20 Minutes)
Same as Race #3

3:45 pm – Race 7 (Heat #2 - 20 Minutes)
Same as Race #4


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