1. All entrants must be a member of NCK. Dues are paid on an annual basis. NCK offers a 1-day membership for those that want to try it out for a day.
  2. NCK does not require that you be an IKF member, But it is highly recommended.
  3. NOVICE RACERS must start at the back of your class, you must display a orange number panel on the back of your kart. You must have an X on the back of your helmet and you must attend all novice drivers meetings. The above rules apply to all NCK races. Any person holding a License from another road race organization will be considered holding a qualified license and would be gridded as normal at all events.
  4. Refund Policy: There are NO REFUNDS. If you have entered and cannot attend, you must notify an NCK board member either by phone or email 24 hrs prior to the event. You must state the reason(s) for not attending. A credit toward your next NCK event will be processed. If you must cancel 24 hours or less, the NCK BOD will consider your cancellation request and will notify you of our decision. A Non-Notification will result in forfeit of race entry fees.
  5. Race Credit Policies: If you have gone through pre-tech or taken the track (Practice), you have used your race entry and are not entitled to a rollover or credit. This includes wet events!

    Exceptions and rules:
    1. If you have broken during practice and are out for the rest of the day, you will receive a rollover 2nd entry credit for the next event.
    2. If you have entered more than one class and you break during the first class (race) and are out for the rest of the day, we will rollover the 2nd class entry to your next event.
    3. Heat races (classes that combine scoring results for outcome are classified as single entries) and are not entitled to a 2nd entry roll over if you happen to break in the first heat.
    4. If you break down and out for the day you must take your kart to the scales. The scales staff will verify your broken condition to apply for a rollover credit.
    5. NCK will NOT ACCEPT VERBAL / EMAILED REQUESTS FOR ROLLOVERS! You must fill out the rollover request form, have a NCK BOD member sign it, and then return it to the scales. Forms are available at the scales.
    6. Roll over 2nd entries are applied/entered by registration after the participant enters their 1st entry at the next NCK event. Contact Registration Dude (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  6. Rain Race Conditions: NCK runs events rain or shine. The Race Director will evaluate track conditions, and will decide whether or not to proceed with the event. On race day, if the track is a wet, anyone who has pre-entered may decline to participate and opt out his or her entry fees to the next NCK event. You must be present at the track on race day to exercise this option. Non-attendance at the track well result in forfeit of race entry fees.
  7. By becoming a member of Northern California Karters, you agree to abide by the Rules set forth by IKF and NCK.
  8. It is your responsibility to verify your CLASS, KART NUMBER and TRANSPONDER by checking the GRID sheet.
  9. PRE-GRID: It is your responsibility to be on pre-grid 20 minutes prior to race time. Pre-grid for each event will close 5 minutes prior to when the checkered flag is thrown for the prior race. If a driver shows up late, he/she will be gridded at the rear of the pack. It is the DRIVER’S RESPONSIBILITY to grid themselves using the posted grid sheets.
  10. FUEL: FUEL/OIL is a spec item. The fuel will be the Track fuel and must be purchased there. Oil is Redline synthetic, Castrol A927/castor blend, Blendzall castor, or Burris castor.
    • All TaG classes fuel be 100 octane.
    • All SPRINT CLASSES will be MAX.110 LEADED octane (or 112 depending on track availability) UNLIMITED/ICE OPEN
  11. RED FLAG: If a red flag is thrown, the race/practice session is on its own time clock.
  12. Races may be shortened at the discretion of the Race Director
  13. No one is allowed in the hot pits without a HOT PIT PASS. You must be 14 years of age to purchase a hot pit pass. Exception: Junior drivers.
  14. NO BIKES, SKATEBOARDS, MOPEDS, GO-PEDS, or PETS allowed in hot pits.
  15. No motorized vehicles allowed in paddock. NO minors on any type of motorized or self propelled vehicles allowed
  16. All pets must be on a leash or penned. If your pet is found loose, you will be asked to go home.

Event Registration

Registration for the November 24th Sonoma event is now open.  It closes on Wednesday, Nov 24th at 8:30pm Pacific time.

Need Help? See our Step By Step Tutorial.

2018 Schedule

  • Nov 25, '17 - Sonoma Raceway
  • Mar 24-25 - Laguna Seca
  • June 30 - Thunderhill West
  • Aug 27 - Thunderhill (Monday)
  • Oct 22 - Thunderhill (Monday)
  • Nov 24 - Sonoma (2019 Race 1)

It's All About the Tracks

Northern California Karters Club uses and accesses some of the best racetracks in California. While the name Northern reflects the original location at the time of the club establishment 10+ years ago. The fact is that our series uses tracks based all over our great state.